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Call for Papers and Case Studies

This International conference is the right opportunity for presenting Research papers, conceptual papers and case studies relevant to the theme of the conference. Gandhian experts, researchers working on sustainability or corporate governance, academicians, practicing managers and student scholars are invited to take this wonderful opportunity to present their thoughts. The aim of this conference is to provide a platform to present and discuss the various aspects related to Sustainability and Corporate governance, the relevance of the Gandhian values in the present scenario and to provide a meaningful structure by coming out with a publication of all the selected papers in the form of a book. It is our endeavour to make the world realize the true importance of the Gandhian Values at the present juncture and to show how transcendental were his thoughts.

  Potential Areas
  The following is only a partial list of topics and not an exhaustive one. The authors can however, choose any topic of their choice which is relevant to the theme of the conference.
a) Economics of Sustainability
b) Eco-Innovation and Eco-Development
c) Environmental Compensation
d) Environmental Resistance
e) Sustainability Modelling
f) Sustainable practices by country
g) Sustainable Environmental Assessment
h) Sustainability Appraisal
i) Sustainable simple living
j) Philosophy of Sustainability
Corporate Governance:
a) Research papers or practical methodologies for application in corporate scenario.
b) Investment and Corporate Accountability
c) Corporate Governance Quotient
d) Corporate Governance Practices and Policies
e) Information needs of Institutional investors
f) Corporate Governance guidelines
g) Weaknesses of Corporate Governance
h) Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
i) Need for education and training in Corporate Governance
j) Case Studies in Corporate Governance
  There will be one workshop each on Sustainability and Corporate Governance which will be delivered by knowledge experts in the relevant field. Participation to these workshops will only be through registration in advance. Only 30 participants will get the opportunity on a first come first served basis to participate in each of the workshops.

  There will be two awards, one for the best paper presented on the theme of Sustainability and the other on the theme of Corporate Governance. The award selection will be done by a team of experts and their decision in this regard will be final. The important consideration in selection would be the practical applicability of ideas in corporate environment. There will be a certificate of participation for all the papers presented in the Conference.

  Guidelines for Paper Submission
  Abstract / Paper Submission
  All the abstracts submitted will be reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical or research depth, authenticity of the data used, relevance to the conference theme and readability.

The authors should clearly mention their affiliation and email address. The work should be original and should not have been published in any journal or proceedings. Members from a panel of experts will review each abstract and its acceptance will be intimated within a fortnight of its submission.

After the acceptance of the abstract, the authors can then send in their full length paper along with the requisite registration fee.

Abstracts cannot exceed more than 300 words. Abstracts must clearly include the purpose of research, methodology, major results, implications and key references. The author(s) should clearly mention under what area of interest of the conference the abstract is to be included. They should adhere to the following:
 Length Maximum 300 words excluding title / cover page and references
 Margins 2.5 cm / 1 Inch
 Font Times New Roman, 12 Point
 Spacing 1.5
 Title Page Title, Author(s), Affiliation(s) and Contact Details
 Key Words Four
  Full Paper Submission
  Full paper must include a clear indication of the purpose of the research, methodology, major findings, results, implications and key references. Authors should adhere to the following:
 Length Max upto 6000 words excluding title / cover page and references
 Margins 2.5 cm / 1 Inch
 Font Times New Roman, 12 Point
 Spacing 1.5
 Title Page Title, Author(s), Affiliation(s) and Contact Details
  For References and footnotes, the authors should follow the APA style.
Soft copy in MS Word Format of the abstract and/or full paper need to be submitted before the dates mentioned to

Abstracts will be blind reviewed and the abstracts approved by the reviewers will only be selected for full paper review. Authors will be notified of acceptance of the abstracts and only then can they proceed to submit the paper within the timeframe allotted. Acceptance of full paper implies that that atleast one of the authors will attend the conference and present the paper. In case, a paper is submitted for presentation in absentia, the designated registration fee should have been fully paid well in advance. Registration fee is Non-refundable. However, change in nomination will be permitted on request before September 6th 2011.