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Certified Paper Presentations

Paper ID Name Topic
IC-122 Prof. Rangaswamy D. Nayak The Critical Role of Ethics and Human Values in Corporate Governance
IC-123 Dr. Ranjit Voola Gandhian Values and Sustainable Marketing Strategies
IC-125 Mr. Balamurali Balaji The Techno Gandhian Philosophy - A Philosophy for Sustainability
IC-126 Mr. Ravi G The Way Forward for humanity through Sustainable Development
IC-127 Dr. Chikkarangaswamy Principles and Elements of Environmental Impact Assessment Good Practice in India.
IC-129 Dr. Rakesh Guglani Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility in Cooperatives Financial Institutions in India
IC-131 Dr. Umesh Dhyani The Critical Dilemma of Corporate Social Responsibilities
IC-132 Prof. Bharat Gahlot Significance of Gandhian Thoughts for resolving Internal and External conflicts in India
Prof. Akanksha Dubey
IC-133 Ms. Aishwarya S Nathan Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in India: What would Mahatma Gandhi have done?
Ms. Chhavi Agarwal
Ms. Vandana V
IC-134 Mr. Sathish.S Eco Innovation for Eco Development by Sustainable Housing: Bamboo as a building material in renewable Housing
IC-138 Dr. Sucharita Banerjee Technology, Society and Economy : Sustainable Practices – A Gandhian Overview.
IC-139 Mr. Atul Patel Patent’s Contribution to Sustainable Economic Development: Through Eco – Inventions
Ms. Priyanka Borphukan
Mr. Aurobinda Panda
IC-140 Dr. Alice Mani Sustainability and Green Investment Banking
IC-141 Dr. Ashok S. Anikivi Gandhian Approach to Sustainable Simple Living
Prof. S. V. Kulkarni
IC-142 Prof. Anitha K N Eco-Tourism- A Discovery Tool for Sustainable Development
Prof. Vijay Sureshchandra Jariwala
IC-143 Mr. Jayadev Sahoo Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
IC-145 Prof. S.V.Kulkarni Sustainability Appraisal-Land Acquisition: The Challenge, Experience and Practice
Dr. Ashok Anikivi
IC-147 Dr. Mamta Tomar Gandhian Philosophy of Sustainability
IC-148 Ms. Roshni Namboodiry Towards Better Corporate Governance: The Role of Auditors in Public Listed Companies
Mr. Vishnu Ravi Shankar
IC-150 Mr. Arunav Barua Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility, The question of liability and its role in corporate governance and social ethos
IC-151 Ar. Amrutha Sustainability Lies in Simple Living - An Architectural Design Approach
Dr. Nagendra
IC-152 Prof. Santosh Pande The Theoretical Framework for Corporate Governance
IC-153 Mr. Siddhartha Khettry Shaken India inc. In the year 2009: a Study in the Light of India’s Corporate Governance Voluntary Guidelines
Ms. Meghali Ghosh
IC-155 Dr. Archana Barua Towards a Philosophy of Sustainability: the Gandhian Way
IC-158 Prof. Manasi Vilas Gore A Model for Sustainable Living: A Gandhian Prescription
Prof. Rupa Kaustubh Korde
IC-159 Ms. Ann Bina Joseph Philosophy of Sustainability – Sustainable Living
IC-160 Prof. Jyotirmoy Ghosh A Study of Sustainability in the Tourism Industry to identify the adherence of certain Corporate Social Responsibility Principles
IC-161 Dr. K.Fayaz Gandhian way of Corporate Social Responsibility
IC-165 Dr. S.P.Muthukumar A Study on Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility in Select Public Limited Companies in Tamilnadu
Prof. K.Sampath
IC-166 Dr. B C Muddugangadhar Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A New Dimension
Prof. Amalorpavam
Dr. Chheda Pratik
Dr. Swetha M U
IC-167 Ms. Nirmala.T Sustainable Development And Aviation Industry-A Case Study
Ms. Nandhini.S
Mr. Pradeep B R
Mr. Manoj Paul Singh
Ms. Thenambika.V
Prof. Murali.K
Prof. Gobinath. R
IC-168 Dr. Sreekala. E Nonviolent Actions for Conflicts Transformation in Institutions: Contributions of Gandhi and Gene Sharp
IC-169 Prof. Vijay S. Jariwala Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – An Indian Perspective
Prof. Rangaswamy D. Naik
Prof. Anitha K N
IC-171 Prof. Gobinath.R Energy and aviation industry – Striking the balance between sustainable development and growth
Prof. Murali K
Mr. Pradeep
Ms. Shruthi Menon
Ms. Benazir Rani
IC-172 Prof. B Sambasiva Prasad Gandhian Principles and Corporate Governance
Prof. I.B.Raju
IC-174 Ms. J Krithika Strategies for implementing sustainability. Three leadership challenges faced by current women entrepreneurs
Ms. J Anusha
Ms. Usha NR
IC-175 Prof. Sumukh S Hungund Relevance of Gandhian Principles for Business Organization
Prof. Prashant U Gujanal
IC-176 Ms. Asha R Human Resource Development for Sustainable Growth in the New Millennium
Ms. Sheeba R
IC-177 Mr. B.Veeresh Corporate Social Responsibility –A Study On Select Companies In India
Prof. Prashanth Kumar
IC-179 Dr. K.Chellamani Orchestration of reflective practices among learners towards envisioning Gandihiji’s philosophy of Self-realization
IC-180 Dr. S.V. Shinde Sustainable Development in India
IC-181 Dr. Damji B H Sustainable Development in India
IC-182 Prof. Arvind Dholakia Corporate Governance - a deliverable to the stakeholders
IC-183 Ms. Srividya Vedasnata Bhagavad Gita and Gandhiji - A Spiritual elucidation for sustainable lifestyle
IC-184 Prof. Vinod Krishna M. U. Customer Relationship and Corporate Governance in Sustainability of Business
IC-185 Prof. Arun Mudhol e-Learning and Corporate-Governance in Public Administration
IC-186 Prof. Arun Mudhol Gandhian Values – Relevance to Sustainability
IC-187 Mr. Justin Joseph The Philosophy of Sustainability
Mr. Shibin Xavier
IC-188 Prof. Sadhvi Mehrotra Corporate Governance in the Financial Institutions
IC-189 Prof. H N Singh Innovative industries approach to control carbon emissions, water wastages, waste generation
IC-190 Dr. Sankrity Joseph Sustainable Development Through Corporate Social Responsibility: A Case Study of Monnet Ispat Foundation
Dr. G K Deshmukh
Prof. S.K.Indurkar
IC-191 Dr. S. Narayanasamy Gandhian Education and Sustainable Development
IC-193 Prof. Hema R. Girwalker Study and Evaluation of the Impact of Micro Financing by Self Help Groups on the Financial Functioning of Rural Families
Dr. M. Prabhushetty
Dr. G. M. Patil
IC-194 Dr. K.Thangamani Gandhian Values for Sustainable Development
IC-195 Prof. Shridevi. S. Harwal Philosophy of Sustainability
Dr. Chandrasekhar Sheelvanth
IC-198 Prof. Madhavi R Sustainability – The Generation Z’s Approach – An empirical study in the city of Bangalore
Prof. Smita Kavatekar
IC-199 Dr. Surendra Kumar Ethics, Moral Character and Gandhian Transformational Leadership– A Critical Review
IC-200 Prof. Madhavi R A Case Study on Kshiti Foundation with regards to Environmental Compensation
Prof. Smita Kavatekar
IC-202 Dr. Siddamma R Guded Education for a Sustainable Development