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Centre for Research in Innovation & Management of Technology (CRIMTECH)

Technology is the most powerful force of driving change in global business environment. Often the changes may occur in a way that defy easy solutions. It is significant to manage technology to derive maximum competitive advantage. This, in turn, is dependent on continuous innovation management. Currently the Centre is engaged in an important project related to the " Emergence of Bangalore as a Global High Technology Hub ".

Centre for Research in e-Commerce (CRIe-Com)

The process of globalization renders every human activity global in scope and implications. It is happening more forcefully and rapidly in the domain of business. In order to be successful and remain constantly competitive the Indian business has to evolve effective international management strategies.

Centre for Research in International Management & Strategy (CRIMSTRAT)

Being a new institution focused on the new economy the Institute has established CRIeCom to investigate various areas of the new economy. This Centre has been set up in association with the National Institute for e-Commerce a leading enabler of e-commerce concepts in India. Currently the Centre is engaged in two important projects related to the new economy.

  • Trends in Internet usage in India
  • Socio-economic Implications of E-commerce in India: Emerging Digital Divide - Some policy related issues.

Centre for Operations Management, Information Systems & Applied Research (COMISAR)

Amongst all the technologies, the information technology has made such profound impact that is unmatched in the history of human evolution. The information technology has proved to be the most powerful enabler of human processes including business operations. It is pertinent to study the impact of this technology to achieve maximum efficiency of operation. The Centre plans to undertake in-depth research in this area.

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