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All the students who have been selected by the Institute are eligible for educational loans from any bank as per the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India. The institute has arrangements with the Allahabad Bank, Canara Bank, SBI etc....

Some financial assistance is provided to deserving candidates. On campus Part time jobs are available.

Special scholarships for girls and deserving candidates.

Opportunity to work on live projects with stipend. Most of our students are already engaged in various company-based projects. This helps in gaining industry experience for our students.

The deserving candidates for Special Scholarships ---

Abdul Sadaf, Chaitra, Chandra Shekar, Darshan,
Keshav, Lakshmi B N, Lokesh, Manjunath, Mohan, Murthy M (2015-16)



Murthy N, Naveen Kumar Halbar, Naveen Kumar M, Pratima, Praveen Kumar,
Praveen Kumar V, Pushpa K A, Ramya K, Ranjitha, Ravishankar (2014-2015)



Madhu Kumar, Nishant Kumar, Rakshita, Shivapreetam, Shridhar
Supriya, Swathi, Vanishree, Vishwa, Vivekananda (2013-2014)



Arti Bala, Deepti Saxena, Vinay Kumar, Monika Gupta


Uchchajit Kalita, Hardik Vyaas, Amit Saraswat, Vignesh, Krishna Kumar

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